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FAQs about Volunteering with CBS

We know any potential volunteer is going to have A LOT of questions about moving to Honduras. We've answered a few of the ones we get most, but feel free to email us if we haven't answered yours!

Does it cost anything to volunteer with CBS?

No! We do not believe in volunteers paying to work with us. We provide volunteers with free housing, food, and transportation to and from the airport. We also help support volunteers who are willing to make a longer commitment to the school by assisting in expenses incurred for visa extensions. Additionally, we cover any minor medical expenses incurred while in Honduras.

What is it like living in Honduras?

Living in Honduras isn't always easy. It is usually hot and there are sometimes water and power outages. There is also no hot water so you will need to get used to cold showers. However, as any of our past volunteers can attest to, it is more than worth it! Our work is rewarding and meaningful. Our volunteers become immersed in the community and generally spend afternoons with families from school or hanging out at the volunteer house with other volunteers.

Is Honduras safe?

We take the safety of our volunteers very seriously. Cofradia is a small town and our school and volunteers are very well known. We do provide our volunteers with safety guidelines upon arrival, such as not walking alone at night, but the school and people in town help keep our volunteers safe.

How do I get there? Do I need a visa?

We are located about 40 minutes from the San Pedro Sula airport and 25 minutes from the San Pedro Sula bus terminal for volunteers who are traveling from elsewhere in Central America. We will pick you up at either location! Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot help with the costs of flights or bus tickets to arrive in San Pedro Sula.

You do not need a visa to enter Honduras. Upon arrival at the airport or border, you will be given a 90-day visa. If you intend to stay beyond 90 days, the school will cover the costs associated with getting an extension.

How do I apply?

Send us an email! We will send you an application and set up a Skype interview with you.

I'm interested! When can I start?

We are currently looking for volunteers who are willing to teach remotely online from anywhere in the world who can start ASAP! We also have limited positions available in person for volunteers who want to live in Cofradía and work with grades 7-11.

Additionally, we are actively recruiting for our upcoming 2022-2023 school year and are looking for volunteers who can make at least a 3-month commitment starting in August 2022. Preference will be given to volunteers willing to make a 10-month commitment.

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